Thursday, January 15, 2009

lucky bamboo

whenever i have a new office, i buy a plant and see if i can keep it alive and make it thrive. the only green thumb i have is the color of gangrene, mold, and rot on the plant as it dies. i couldn't keep cactus alive. i was told plants absorb our energy. if the plant is alive, so are you. at my last office, i tried so hard to keep a beautiful plant alive, but it seemed to wilt even though i watered it often. when i left, i bequeathed it to a friend with a green thumb.

i just bought a lucky bamboo and will try my best to keep this alive. i heard bamboo are pretty hardy which is primarily why i bought it, in addition to how cool bamboo are anyway.

here's to life. mine and the (hopefully) lucky bamboo.

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