Thursday, July 24, 2008


boohoo. my pug has giardia. gross mucousy poop is the most obvious symptom. here's to her getting well with powdered medicine. i'll b happy when i can stop cleaning the carpet. sorry d.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a day at the movies.

Batman. i was disappointed. but the joker made the movie.
Wall-e. i was pleasantly surprised. save the earth!!

spoiled rotten (unlike tomatos)

my nephew is adorable but spoiled rotten. he's at that age where everyone and everything adores every move and sound he makes. and he knows it too. his parents cater to his every whim, which i can't say is a bad thing, given his tender young age of 1.5 years and how he's allergic to heat and needs a climate controlled room in order to nap and cannot be disturbed with any slight noises. but he's starting to like the cause and effect phenomenon too much. he must have thrown his toys and any other object in his hand to the ground about a million times last week and i stood by and watched his parents pick up the object about a million times. talk about fun cause and effect. he loves playing with silverware but i drew the line when he was playing with butterknives. i had to yank them out of his hands.
it was fun. he's cute. the makings of a spoiled kid continues..

an 88 year old toothless grin.

i love my old, toothless grampa, with his toothless happy grin and happy go lucky ways. i love his hearty laugh, which emanates from deep within his soul. he's so cute, funny and real. he says exactly what he means but he's never rude. he's got old habits but a young child-like soul. he's almost bald, and he's been that way forever, never quite achieving ultimate baldness. he's legally deaf and would not have it any other way. he's got no teeth and uses his gums to make things soft then gulps his food down whole, and would not have it any other way. and he's so proud of his gums, too. he doesn't visit often enough but everytime he does, he always remembers me. and he rides roller coasters, for goodness sake, though not always by choice.
whoever knew an 88 year old toothless grin could be so charming.

legoland is the new disneyland.

that place rocks. that place is a water park lover's wet dream--pun intended. it's basically a water park that they built rides, created shows, and build mini-land as afterthoughts. and they threw in lego caricatures to have a theme to base an overpriced park on.


i snoop
and sometimes i poop
i pissed off the guy after my last ex
with things i read on his text.
can't help that i was mad
and also a little sad
can't help i felt unsure
after reading what he wrote to her.
but i'm a feeler
not a thinker
my heart always gives my head
the middle finger.

072208 a day that will in famy.

i have finally officially moved back to the OC. never thought i'd be so happy to back here, seeing how long i've tried to stay away from this place.

the truth about cats and dogs.

the cat and the dog are fascinated with one another. my dog is the first canine little cornelius has laid eyes on. she hissed like a wildcat the first few minutes she met nibblet. so i petted her and calmed her down to get her acclimated to my dog. my dog has had many feline friends. however, they have all had other canine friends, so she is used to cats who love dogs. it's funny cus then the cat started to follow my dog around and couldn't keep her eyes off of her. it's like she found a big sister she could tag along with. it was cute. but my dog seemed irritated with her. she wanted to chew her bone in private and the cat kept sneaking up on her and inching her way towards her. then my dog would move away. when i fell asleep my dog was next to me and the cat on my lap. now they're snoring away side by side. it's raining cats and dogs love...


sicker than a dog
grosser than a tick
in all my years
i've never been so sick.
hackin up my lungs
my throat's closing in on me
this fever is here to stay
and it'll get the better of me.
i'm finally mute
sure wish i could sign
sure wish i could call an overpriced health insurance
breathing in 409
was not my idea of fun
at least i'm out of that hellhole
and into the sun.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fill (with) more (latinos)

yesterday, i was in Fillmore to retrieve my dog. you take highway 23 all the way through Moorpark, a cute but older community with new tract housing. as you wind through olive and grape vineyards, the scenery is beautiful. then suddenly you find yourself in these mining canyons on a 2 lane highway on the edge of nowhere surrounded on either side with yellowish-white stone. there are huge mountains of grated stone, finer than sand. it's hot. then suddenly, through the farmlands, this town appears, the town of Fillmore. it looks alot like tijuana. lots of latino stores and people. old streets. old town. i think it was founded in the 1800s. so i'm off to find this elusive house where my dog spends her weekends. sequentially, the house does not exist. there are 5 streets of the same name. my dog sitter is somehow unable to give me directions to her house although i've listed many landmarks. she warned me earlier i wouldn't be able to find her house because it was behind other homes. she phones her mother-in-law to see if she could bring me my dog. she says her mother in law can't leave her house right then because the cops were searching her block for illegal fireworks. so i decide to go to the police department. i ask them where i could find her address. they point me to where i've been. sequentially that house number did not exist. i inform the cop that right now, some of his people are searching that neighborhood. he tells me none of his men are searching that neighborhood because they all just got back from a search. he says the most racist but funny and stereotypical thing, "it's probably a probation check." inside, i laugh so hard, although i know i shouldn't. he asks me what the last name is. i give him a classic latino last name and he says, "that doesn't help." then i ask him if he has a map of the town. he whips out the thomas guide and it was totally unhelpful. he then asks me, "are you sure you're in the right town?" i said, yes, fillmore. he says, "people mix up sylmar with fillmore because they sound alike." i said with certainty Fillmore. finally, my dog sitter's mom in law brings me my sleepy pup. i'm still convinced her house doesn't exist. after all, mr. policeman said so. but i do wonder, what if there's a 911 call or emergency at that address? how would they find it? and how did they know where to go to do this "probation check?" :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Henry's Beach in Santa Barbara.

the perfect beach day, says the pooches!

lesson of the day.

don't paint yourself into a corner by quitting your job and vacating your apartment and giving up your dog when you barely know the guy. especially if you're doing all this without a back up plan.
if things didn't work out, imagine how it would have been: no job, house, dog or bf. that was the problem, i didn't imagine it enough. but now i'm living it. except the dog part.

silver lining: i won't get my job back, i don't care for this apartment, but at least i have my dog.


just because you say farewell
doesn't mean it ends well
just because you've tried your best
doesn't mean you passed the test
just because you loved him
doesn't mean it will last til the end
just because it was grand
doesn't mean it's not made of sand
just because you've said your goodbyes
doesn't mean you won't ask why.