Thursday, December 18, 2008


it's official. i am in love. with edward cullen. it's not just for teens. it's for all women. of all shapes and sizes, ages, and backgrounds. it touches that deep part of a woman that wants to be swept off her feet and to be made to feel that there is no other person edward could ever love, but you. i thought it'd be a sappy teen romance. it was that...and more. i was swooning the entire movie. hanging onto every word he said and movement he made. i haven't been this in love since high school? it's like something inside me came alive.

i want to marry edward. i want to have a vampire boyfriend who rescues me from everything, who carries me atop trees on his back, who tells me he's been waiting his whole life for me, literally. i don't even care if he bites me. :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

malcolm gladwell.

i was so delighted to find that malcolm gladwell had finally written a third book. i had been waiting for him to produce another book for years, after finishing his last book. i read both of his books, The Tipping Point and Blink and absolutely loved his writing style and content. the guy is so intuitive. and now i embark on Outliers.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside.

i love missions. i don't think i ever get tired of the old dilapidated rubble, speaking of old ancient history, the old brick and mortar that used to hold the place together and the holy air within. it's like walking back into history. u can feel the life that used to be within these walls. this mission was nice. it was closed but the outside of it was pretty god-like in beauty.

Birch Aquarium at La Jolla.


aquariums are so lovely. no matter how many i've been to, i remain awed at the multitude of colors and lifeforms that exist in the deep blue sea (or aquarium). i was tempted to let them all out then realized they would all drown if i burst the aquarium so i changed my mind.

santa monica ain't bad either.

all these years and i've never actually stepped foot on the santa monica pier. maybe one of these days i'll ride that famous ferris wheel.

i love the sky.

i love how it changes in every way possible. it never looks the same twice.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

i spend too much time.

i spend too much time trying to love other people and not myself.
i spend too much time trying to be happy around others but not by myself.
i spend too much time co-existing but not existing.
i spend too much time thinking of what i don't have not what i have.
i spend too much time thinking of the glass being half empty and not the fact that there's water at all.
i spend too much time thinking of what's without rather than within.

attitude is everything. so is taking action once you achieve that new attitude.

the best part of a break up is realizing people are put in your lives for you to learn something about yourself and life. you don't really lose anyone. you don't really waste your time. every wrong relationship prepares you for the right one. life to me is about learning, it's about experiences. and here another chapter ends, as one begins.

here's to new beginnings, as the beginning of a new year unfolds.

thank you d for letting me go.

why try.

why try
if it just dies
why lie
if we're just gonna say goodbye?
never again
will i begin
if i won't win
trying is a sin.