Tuesday, February 26, 2008

insanity vs. outsanity

if only it were that easy. angry people who lash out do a hell lot better than those who keep it in and get depressed and self-loathe. it's just better for your psyche. so before you start horking down those bon-bons, locking yourself away in your psychic dungeon and feeling 10 kinds of bad, hit a punching bag, run it off, get angry, pretend who or what you hate sits in that chair and tell them or it off, SCREAM, and convert that INsanity to OUTsanity.

get it out before it does you in.


did i mention i'm in love?
here's proof.

You're not like the Mona Lisa
Over-rated and small
You're more like the statue of David
Standing superhuman tall.
Van Gogh barely touched it
With his Starry Starry Night
Cuz when I look into your eyes
My heart takes celestial flight.
You're like the Pantheon
So sturdy and strong
And alot like the Acropolis
Still here after everything else is gone.
Monet made impressions
But nothing like the one you give
Picasso can be preserved
But our love is sure to outlive.
The Louvre has treasures
That classic artists vie
Between you and the artwork there
You're the one piece that will never die.
You're an image
That no artist could ever capture
When we're together
It's like I'm in a Renaissance rapture.
I wish I could preserve you
If only to keep you forever
But at least I know we have something more breathtaking
Than any sculptor could ever put together.


i like raves. well, technically i've never been to one but i think i would because i like obscure techno music. and i could probably do without the E or whatever kids are doing nowadays.
i like to rave.
i like to rant too.
so now i'm gonna do both.

things i think are important:
i think it's important to have hobbies besides your bf/husband/partner/PC term of your choice.
i think it's important to know what you are not willing to compromise and to actually not compromise on those things.
i think it's important to be happy alone before you are with someone.
i think it's important to be happy with that someone, when you finally make that choice.
i think it's important to balance.

after all, isn't that what this blog's all about?