Monday, January 12, 2009

Life resolutions.

screw New Year's resolutions. i don't need a new year as an excuse to improve myself. my life is a good enough reason. that's why i've got LIFE resolutions.

1. get healthy. that means getting in shape, getting fit, eating healthier, eating less, exercising. i really need to join a gym to keep the exercise regular. not only cus it's dark when i get outta work, it's probably safer too. and as of today, decreasing my 203 cholesterol count. i don't want to die of a stroke at age 31. this seems to be a rolling resolution.
2. follow through with hobby aspirations. today i attended my first Toastmasters Int'l meeting. tomorrow i plan to enroll in a Ceramics class at a local comm. college. i've been wanting to do both since forever. i've been wanting to enroll in different educational and recreational classes ever since i graduated. eventually i plan to join the Sierra Club informally. it was way too much fun hiking this weekend. and i want to pick up my guitar again. i want to pick up my paintbrush again. i've begun picking up books again. when was the last time anyone read an actual book (besides Twilight, these days?)
3. think positive. again, another rolling resolution. like they say, wherever you go, you follow. and i say wherever you think, you follow.
4. enjoy being alone. enjoy solitude. enjoy my own company. my hobby has always been my friends. friends are a great addition to life, but they shouldn't be your hobby.
5. work on me. this should always be my first priority but somehow has always found a way to remain at the bottom of my list. essentially, if i accomplish the first 4 resolutions, this will be accomplished too.

here's to everyone working on their life resolutions. it may take a lifetime to accomplish them but since you're alive anyway, why not work on a few things?

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