Thursday, January 15, 2009

lost dog.

last night as i was driving home, i saw a white dog running around leashless on the sidewalk near my house. my first instinct was to see if it had a tag and take it home with me. and i did not want him/her to get run over by a car. i left my car on the side of the street and began sprinting towards where i last saw the dog. a guy on a bike helped me chase down the dog. i think it was stray cus when i called it, it stopped and growled at me. it didn't seem to have a tag. i ran after it and he kept going. i went back to my car and drove around hoping to find it. i knew if i called animal control, they wouldn't be able to find it. i was kinda sad cus i thought it might get run over and i figured it was stray. it was kinda a sad night. i never saw the dog again.
it looked kinda like this dog.

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